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3/3 Engineering capacity

Changhui Products has won more than 200 patents in the country, and it is equipped with more than 50 domestic and foreign automotive mainframes, and exported to more than 50 countries and regions overseas. It is an A-class supplier and core supplier of many auto manufacturers. The Changhui set introduces hundreds of high-precision CNC and precision processing equipment and modern product assembly lines.

Changhui's Computer Modern Integrated Manufacturing System(CIMS) is listed as a national application demonstration project. These systems are efficiently applied to every link within the company, enabling various engineering information and management data to achieve a high degree of integration, timeliness, accuracy, sharing, and traceability. Ensure that customer needs are met quickly.

Changhui accumulates 3 million sets of locks and combination switches for the public, and obtains the only domestic supplier of Volkswagen's new Polaris and Queteng switch components(ignition switches, combination switches, clock Springs, and angle sensors). Get Caterpillar ignition switch, knob switch, power off switch and other only domestic global procurement supplier. Obtained excellent supplier of the Great Wall Motor Company in 2014.