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03 Changhui connotation:

Changhui vision:  Be a first-rate global sourcing supplier 
Chang Hui foothold: Improving team synergy 
                 Improving the ability of scientific and technological innovation 
                 Improving the quality assurance ability 
                 Improving cost control ability 
                 Improve the supply capacity of products 
                 Improve customer service ability

Chang Hui's motto: Self strengthening, heavy load
Chang Hui's view of development: Continuous improvement and innovation to meet customer expectations, build a stage for employees, and create a century of Chang Hui.
Chang Hui's view of management: System first, President second,
Chang Hui's view of the team: Sincere cooperation, excellence, learning and innovation, and constantly surpass.
Chang Hui's view of organization: Advocating overstep inspection and reporting, against overleaping leadership
Chang Hui's view of work: Not Chang Hui wanted me to do it. I'd do it for Changhui.
Chang Hui's view of talent: There are virtues and talents. There is no virtue but talent in training.
Chang Hui's view of market: The first time the customer was satisfied
Chang Hui's view of service: Continuous improvement of long letter, surpassing customer expectations