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1/3 研发能力

Changhui has a national postdoctoral research workstation, a national professional experimental center, a provincial-level electrical system engineering and technology research center, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, a national local joint engineering research center(engineering laboratory), and a provincial industrial design center. Changhui engineers and technicians have an average working life of more than 15 years. The "Changhui" brand series of products independently innovated and developed has won China's internationally renowned brands, national torch plan products, national key new products, and Anhui famous brand products, and has more than 200 patent technologies.

Changhui has more than 300 design products, synchronization, platform, modular development, and short development cycle. Automobile electronics and automotive appliances are not only the leading companies in the automotive parts industry, but also the leading companies in the industry. They have also become the main drafting units for seven industry standards: automotive combination switches, EGR valves, car locks, and door handles.