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01 Origin of ChangHui:

hangHui by "C+H" is ideographic composition

CH- ChangHui Chinese pinyin "Changhui" first spell

CH- China Huangshan English "China Huangshan " the first letter

Heaven and earth are CHANG

Capacity makes HUI

Inner ring representative company

Outer ring represents the global

Indicates the prosperity of the company, the meaning of the sun bathing;

Also Is a symbol of the company to forge ahead, pursuit of the perfect confidence and determination

02 ChangHui Founder:
Chairman - Mr. Wang Jinding

Wang Jinding, male, born in January 1946 in Xiuning County, Anhui Province, Han nationality, the Chinese Communist Party members, business administration, senior engineer, the company chairman and president.

He has devoted his whole life to the development of the national automobile industry. He is committed to the professional research of automobile key parts and high precision molds.

Create a well-known brand ChangHui, set up a first-class global sourcing suppliers, go high-tech, precision, advanced development road, is his many years advocated idea.

He has won the "to commemorate the 30 years of reform and opening up Chinese automobile industry elite", "China automotive electronics industry elite", "China automotive electronics industry outstanding contribution award", "Chinese vehicle electric motor industry outstanding entrepreneur", "the excellent characteristics of China socialist builders" and " Model Worker " and other honorary title.

03 Cultural Expression:
ChangHui Vision:To be first-class global sourcing supplier
ChangHui Based:Improve team synergy

Improve the ability of science and technology innovation

Improve the quality assurance ability

Improve cost control ability

Improve product supply ability

Improve customer service ability

ChangHui Motto:Self-Discipline and Social Commitment

Development:Continuous improvement and innovation to meet customer expectations ,to build the stage for staff ,build century ChangHui brand.

Management:System First , President Second

Team Concept:Sincere cooperation and strive for excellence in learning and innovation ,continue to go beyond

Organization:The promotion of leapfrog check and report ,against the leapfrog leadership is Changhui people’s View of work

Work Concept:ot ChangHui ask me to do, in order to Chang Hui I want to do
Talent Concept:Virtuous and talented, exceptional reuse

Virtue without talent, cultivation and use

Talent without virtue, limiting the use

Without virtue and talent, resolutely not

Market Outlook:The first time to make customer satisfaction
Service concept:continuous improvement and innovation beyond customer expectations