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The wheel comes with a 360 degree steering module, and the car runs sideways from now on

Time:2021-09-26          Author:Network reprint          Source:Network reprint

Urban traffic congestion and difficulty in getting around and parking have become social problems that make "car owners" very troublesome.

One of the main reasons for this problem is that the car steering is too rigid and unable to flexibly respond to the objective environment and emergencies.

In order to overcome the disadvantages of the car itself, the British in-wheel motor company Protean launched a brand-new concept product-Protean360+, which provides a brand-new idea and technical support for the development of urban travel vehicles in the future.


The wheel comes with a 360° steering module, and the car runs sideways from now on
Protean360+ incorporates the steering system and suspension system into an independent unit module, and uses the drive hub built into the wheel to provide power.

The relatively independent modular design allows the body to be designed as a pod with four doors. Coupled with automatic driving technology, the appearance of public transportation in the future has begun to take shape.

Because there is only a small connection point between the wheel and the body, the four steering modules can support continuous steering over 360°, so that the vehicle can not only run sideways, but also rotate on the spot. The steering method is flexible and more adaptable to the future. The needs of urban transportation.

In this way, when the driving encounters an unexpected situation, the vehicle can stop and make a U-turn without extra space, which not only saves the driver's worry and effort, 

Since the suspension system is also incorporated into the wheel unit, it also supports aerodynamic height adjustment, so that the body can be adjusted when getting on and off, so that the floor of the carriage is flush with the road shoulder, and it is convenient for people to go up and down.

Such a design may not have much effect for ordinary people, but for people with limited mobility or who carry large luggage or strollers, such a design is very user-friendly!

In addition, the new compact double-joint suspension can save more space for the body.

In addition to the public transportation in the conceptual design, Protean360+ can also be applied to various types of vehicles such as private cars and trucks. Such an excellent design will inevitably contribute to alleviating the pressure on future traffic and lead a new revolution in urban transportation. 

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